What People Say…

“It gets me out of the house to do some exercise and it loosens me up.”
“I feel the benefit physically and enjoy the company.”
“It’s the only time in the week I really laugh.”

“Jackie puts no pressure on any of us – we can each go at our own pace – never questioned. As a newcomer I was made very welcome. Long may the group continue.”

Bilton anniv party - photo duo

“I’ve been surprised by how much my body can do.  I like the music and the feeling of togetherness with the others in my group. But most of all I love the laughter.”
“I just want to say what a difference this group has made to my mum. She loves it. She only goes out with my dad and has no social life whatsoever. Now she even has the confidence to go to this without her cousin which is a big step. It’s given her something to talk about and she likes everybody and says its so friendly. She sings your praises highly whilst also enjoying the music and excercise. You really have made a difference and I thank you so much for that.” (The daughter of a DWB group member).