How Do the Sessions Work?

The basic structure of each session is usually the same – a warm up, some dancing, a warm down, all of which takes about an hour, then there’s half an hour for socialising with tea, coffee and biscuits.

The dances can be done seated or standing and the complexity and vigour can be scaled up or down to match everyone’s abilities and limitations. So Dancing for Well-Being can suit a wide range of people – from those who find they just need to slow up a bit to those who are physically very frail or with cognitive impairments caused by illnesses like dementia.

You may have noticed that we talk about having Dancing for Well-Being “groups” rather than “classes”.  That’s because whilst the group leader takes the lead, the experience and pleasure we have at each session is very much a joint effort. Each member plays a vital part in the fun we have by bringing their own personality and sense of humour to the group.

As everyone gets to know each other in their groups we’ve wanted to celebrate events like the Tour de France together.

We have parties in the summer and, of course, at Christmas too.

There are some extra special birthdays!…

…and some anniversaries to celebrate – happy Golden Wedding anniversary Keith and Joan!

Hamp K&J 50th Anniv cheersjpg